Cat Butt Coaster — FREE PATTERN


So, if you have a kitty then you know how much trouble they can get themselves into.

There is a bit of a story, if you’d like to skip it and get right to the pattern then jump to the *****’s below.

We adopted Lucifer (Supernatural fans) about a month and a half ago.  He was always underfoot, like moreso than any other feline we’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing our house with.

My husband is a total pushover and would give him milk so Lucie’s MILKMILKMILK alarm went off every time any of us went near the fridge.  Well, finally it got the better of him because my husband was in the freezer and a frozen water bottle fell out and landed right on Lucie’s poor little tail!

It broke between two of the vertebrae and he had quite a bad open wound.  As of the typing of this post he is about 2.5 weeks out from his ordeal, bandage free, and has developed a new respect for the kitchen area.

I started selling these coasters to help with his vet bills and I decided to make the pattern available for anyone who wanted to make a kinked-tail cat butt coaster.

What you’ll need:

— worsted weight yarn, I didn’t calculate how much because I suck but it’s not much, you’ll need a main color and a tiny bit of alternate color (for the butt!)
— f/5-3.75mm hook
— needle to sew in end
— scissors
— stitch marker

You will be working in unjoined rounds; move marker up after each round.

Begin with a magic ring and your alternate color; sc 9 into the magic ring.  Tighten to close magic circle, cut yarn and join main color.  Place stitch marker.

Round 2 — with main color, 2sc in each sc around (18sc)
Round 3 — (sc in next st, 2sc in next) repeat around (27sc)
Round 4 — (sc in next 2 st, 2sc in next) repeat around (36sc)
Round 5 — (sc in next 3 st, 2sc in next) repeat around (45sc)
Round 6 — sc in each st around (45sc)  Place stitch marker in NEXT (unworked) stitch.

Tail/paws Round — chain 9.  (sl st in first st from chain, sc in next, sc/hdc in next, hdc in last 5 st).  Skip stitch with marker and next stitch; sc in next.  Sc in next 16.  *(sl st, hdc, ch1) in next st.  (hdc, ch1, sl st) in next st.*  Sl st in next 4 st.  Repeat from * one more time, cut yarn and fasten off.

And there you are, a kinked-tail cat butt coaster!


If you’d like to order completed coasters to help go toward his vet bills (they’re at $320 at the moment — that’s an expensive bottle of water) you can do so here