The ‘James’ Bonnet — FREE PATTERN


‘James’ Bonnet (and beanie!)

You’ll need
– approx. 50 yards of worsted weight yarn
– approx. 5 yards of alternate color worsted weight yarn
– 6mm needles
– scissors
– 4.5mm crochet hook (for bonnet)

Cast on 44 stitches, leaving long tail for sewing.  Leave extra long beginning tail for bonnet.  Both bonnet and beanie are worked in back-and-forth rows.

Row 1 – [k,k,p,p] across
Row 2 – rep Row 1
Row 3 – rep Row 1
Row 4 – rep Row 1; switch colors
Row 5 – knit across
Row 6 – knit across
Row 7 – purl across
Row 8 – knit across
Row 9 – purl across
Row 10 – knit across; switch colors
Row 11 – knit across
Row 12 – knit across
Row 13 – purl across

Alternate row 12 and 13 until hat measures 3.5″; end on purl row.

Next row – [knit 9, k2tog] repeat across
purl across
[knit 8, k2tog] rep across
purl across
[knit 7, k2tog] rep across
purl across
[knit 6, k2tog] rep across
[purl 5, p2tog] rep across
[knit 4, k2tog] rep across
[purl 3, p2tog] rep across

Cutting a long yarn tail (extra long if making a bonnet), weave end through last 16 stitches and pull tightly to close.

If making beanie, start with beginning tail and seam hat to the crown.  Knot with ending tail, weave/trim ends.

If making bonnet, start with ending tail and seam until you reach first decrease row.  Then, whichever bonnet corner doesn’t have beginning tail weave end tail along bonnet edge to it (so now both tails will be coming out both corners of bonnet).  Using crochet hook, chain 56 with the tails to make ties.  Fasten off, trim end.

If you’d like to purchase a bonnet, please check out my Etsy shop! ❤


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