First-Mate Crochet Pattern!


Just in time for Halloween!  Your little one can be a First Mate, arrrrr!

As of right now, I only have this pattern written up for newborn — I’ll get larger sizes added over the coming weeks, but if you’re savvy at sizing it’s a simple enough pattern to adjust increases and length 🙂


First Mate Hat with Eyepatch, Newborn — Beginner Pattern

What you’ll need:

  • H-8/5mm crochet hook
  • Needle (for weaving ends)
  • Scissors
  • < 50 yards of WW yarn (I used Red Heart With Love) in White, Red, and Black
  • Measuring tape

Finished hat will measure approx. 6″ across (12″ around) unstretched and 4.5″ long.
All rows are joined and worked in rounds; do not turn after each round.  Ch1 after join does not count as first stitch.
Pattern is written in US terms.

R1 — With white, start by making a magic ring; 11hdc into ring.  Join with a slip stitch to first hdc, ch1.
R2 — 2hdc in each st around (22hdc)
R3 — (hdc, 2hdc) around (33hdc)  Switch to red.
R4 — (hdc, 2hdc, hdc) around (44hdc)
R5 — Hdc around (44hdc)  Switch to white.
R6-7 — Hdc around, join.  Switch to red after round 7.
R8-9 — Hdc around, join.  Switch to white after round 9.
R10 — Hdc around, join.
R11-12 — Sc around, fo after row 12.  Weave in ends.

Ties (optional)
With red, chain 20.  Slip stitch in first chain from hook, sc in next 18 across.  Chain 20, slip stitch in first chain from hook, sc in next 18 across.  Join to opposite side, fasten off.  Sew to back of hat.

Row 1 — With black, chain 7.  Sc in 2nd chain from hook and each across (6sc); ch1, turn.
Row 2 — Sc in each across (6sc); ch1, turn.
Row 3 — Sc2tog, sc, sc, sc2tog (4sc); ch1, turn.
Row 4 — Sc2tog, sc2tog (2sc); ch1, do not turn.

Slip stitch up the side of eyepatch to the top row; ch 39 (not too tightly but not too loose).  Careful not to twist, join with a slip stitch into opposite side of first row.  Slip stitch down side and across bottom to first slip stitch; fasten off, weave in end.



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