Phat Fiber July Sampler Box, ‘Fluff’

Did you see my other blog post about the sampler boxes from Phat Fiber?  A couple weeks ago I wrote about the ‘stitches’ box, which contained samples of handspun yarns and stitch markers and other goodies.  Took me a bit longer than anticipated, but here is my ‘fluff’ box from July, which was themed ‘Birds of Paradise’ — it’s filled to the brim with fiber samples from some amazing people!




All of the samples are incredible, but I pulled out the ones I’m especially anxious to spin up (as soon as I find the time!, hopefully next weekend I’ll get to pull out my spindle and my wheel).  First up is this absolutely stunning sample from Haylofts.  It’s incredibly light and airy, and I love the color streak!




Next is this hand-dyed sample from Phoenix Fiber Co — I LOVE the saturated colors, and that teal/coral beside each other is so pretty!


Some more lovelies!









There were a dozen others in the box but these ones caught my eye.  Other contributors are:

With additional fiber-related items from:


I received my e-mail two days ago regarding when the August box is going to be available for sale — did you sign up for yours?  You can do so at, and join in the fiber-y shenanigans!


I’m off to snuggle my fiber now 😀


— Fauna


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