First-Mate Crochet Pattern!


Just in time for Halloween!  Your little one can be a First Mate, arrrrr!

As of right now, I only have this pattern written up for newborn — I’ll get larger sizes added over the coming weeks, but if you’re savvy at sizing it’s a simple enough pattern to adjust increases and length ūüôā


First Mate Hat with Eyepatch, Newborn — Beginner Pattern

What you’ll need:

  • H-8/5mm crochet hook
  • Needle (for weaving ends)
  • Scissors
  • < 50 yards of WW yarn (I used Red Heart With Love) in White, Red, and Black
  • Measuring tape

Finished hat will measure approx. 6″ across (12″ around) unstretched and 4.5″ long.
All rows are joined and worked in rounds; do not turn after each round.  Ch1 after join does not count as first stitch.
Pattern is written in US terms.

R1 — With white, start by making a magic ring; 11hdc into ring. ¬†Join with a slip stitch to first hdc, ch1.
R2 — 2hdc in each st around (22hdc)
R3 — (hdc, 2hdc) around (33hdc) ¬†Switch to red.
R4 — (hdc, 2hdc, hdc) around (44hdc)
R5 — Hdc around (44hdc) ¬†Switch to white.
R6-7 — Hdc around, join. ¬†Switch to red after round 7.
R8-9 — Hdc around, join. ¬†Switch to white after round 9.
R10 — Hdc around, join.
R11-12 — Sc around, fo after row 12. ¬†Weave in ends.

Ties (optional)
With red, chain 20.  Slip stitch in first chain from hook, sc in next 18 across.  Chain 20, slip stitch in first chain from hook, sc in next 18 across.  Join to opposite side, fasten off.  Sew to back of hat.

Row 1 — With black, chain 7. ¬†Sc in 2nd chain from hook and each across (6sc); ch1, turn.
Row 2 — Sc in each across (6sc); ch1, turn.
Row 3 — Sc2tog, sc, sc, sc2tog (4sc); ch1, turn.
Row 4 — Sc2tog, sc2tog (2sc); ch1, do not turn.

Slip stitch up the side of eyepatch to the top row; ch 39 (not too tightly but not too loose).  Careful not to twist, join with a slip stitch into opposite side of first row.  Slip stitch down side and across bottom to first slip stitch; fasten off, weave in end.



Phat Fiber July Sampler Box, ‘Fluff’

Did you see my other blog post about the sampler boxes from Phat Fiber? ¬†A couple weeks ago I wrote about the ‘stitches’ box, which contained samples of handspun yarns and stitch markers and other goodies. ¬†Took me a bit longer than anticipated, but here is my ‘fluff’ box from July, which was themed ‘Birds of Paradise’ — it’s filled to the brim with fiber samples from some amazing people!




All of the samples are incredible, but I pulled out the ones I’m especially anxious to spin up (as soon as I find the time!, hopefully next weekend I’ll get to pull out my spindle and my wheel). ¬†First up is this absolutely stunning sample from Haylofts. ¬†It’s incredibly light and airy, and I love the color streak!




Next is this hand-dyed sample from¬†Phoenix Fiber Co¬†— I LOVE the saturated colors, and that teal/coral beside each other is so pretty!


Some more lovelies!









There were a dozen others in the box but these ones caught my eye.  Other contributors are:

With additional fiber-related items from:


I received my e-mail two days ago regarding when the August box is going to be available for sale — did you sign up for yours? ¬†You can do so at, and join in the fiber-y shenanigans!


I’m off to snuggle my fiber now ūüėÄ


— Fauna

House DIY

Almost six¬†years ago, my husband was keeping an eye out for a house we could rent for our growing family and he stumbled across a cute two-story yellow house (he was drawn to it because it’s my favorite color) in a mostly quiet neighborhood. ¬†I didn’t know anything about it until a week later when he took me to dinner for my birthday and asked if I wanted to get a dog. ¬†“A dog?” I asked, and he said, “Yeah, for the backyard I’m going to get you.”

It was a series of entirely convoluted events that got us to the week after our wedding when we moved into our new-to-us house and started painting the walls.

Since then, we’ve ripped up carpet (gorgeous, original hardwood floors were hiding beneath it!), knocked out walls (my husband built these gorgeous shelves in our living room), and slathered everything in paint and stain.


Gorgeous, right?! ¬†We have some more organizing to do, but right now it’s the kids’ area so I’m more concerned about function before we pretty it up.

I’ve been working 14-hour days the last two weeks and decided to take off this weekend to spend time with the kids and get some more work done around the house. ¬†We took off the trim in the living room to strip and re-stain it, my husband is sanding down the windows, and I put new paint on the walls! ¬†Here is some of our progress ūüôā


The wall color is pretty plain, but it opens up the possibility of colorful decor! ¬†My husband found this amazing hand-painted mirror and bench at a yard sale when he took a different route to work the other day — love! ¬†And, they look perfect on this wall. ¬†I really wish my camera took better photos, it’s gorgeous.


I found this picture frame in the recesses of my dad’s old building back in southwest Iowa. ¬†It was originally a really pretty but beat up dark wood; it’s a great pop of color now!

Ever ask yourself why I chose the name ‘SophieChic’? ¬†This is my amazing daughter, Sophie, when she was two — had I known more about the little girl she’d grow up to be when I started this venture at 5 months pregnant, I’d have named it SophieSass.


closetWe were driving somewhere, I can’t even remember, when my husband saw a sign for a garage sale. ¬†The woman had a bunch of older furniture but I fell in love with this vanity and knew it’d fit perfectly into our entryway. ¬†Has a ways to go, and I’m still deliberating painting it in tones of dark grey, but for now I’m glad it’s there no matter what the colors!

Each project my husband and I do gets us closer to the home we’ll raise our children in, enjoy large family holidays, and eventually have them and their families over. ¬†It’s a slow process, but it’s filled with happiness (and a lot of yelling).

I should probably get back to orders now!  What recent around-the-house projects have you worked on?