Phat Fiber Sampler Box!

Have you heard of Phat Fiber?  No?  Well, if you’re into spinning, knitting, or crocheting, then you need to read this blog!

Every month, Phat Fiber has a limited number of sampler boxes available for sale.  They are themed and stuffed with great fibery things from indie businesses.  You have three boxes to choose from: one for the spinners looking for new fiber suppliers (‘Fluff’); one for crocheters/knitters looking for new yarn (‘Stitches’); and one with a bit of both for those of us who can’t help ourselves and dabble everywhere (‘Mixed’).  Each month’s boxes are themed, and they come chock full of amazing samples to wet your fiber appetite, exclusive discount codes, and sometimes very one-of-a-kind items just for you!

This month’s box was called ‘Birds of Paradise’, and stingy me got one of each box 😀

For this blog, I’ll focus on the ‘stitches’ box and save the other two for another day.



Who wouldn’t want this in the mail?!

Since the theme is about birds, each of the samples were either a bird-inspired colorway or were at least somehow bird-related.




I am obviously not sharing everything in the box; these are some of my personal favorites, and then that list was whittled down further by what came out in photographs the best — I can make things with fiber, I leave the photographing to my photographers 😉  I apologize to everyone else in the box, I’ll be adding links to all contributors soon ❤

Though this last one isn’t bird-related, it’s flight-related . . . and the colorway is Tardis Blue, so of course I had to include it!  Whovian for life!


The amounts of each sample varies, but they’re more than enough for you to get a feel for the quality of the yarn and for you to whip up some small projects; I intend to use a lot of mine for tiebacks, or maybe I’ll eventually have enough for a sampler-afghan!  What would you make with these mini-skeins?

Check out Phat Fiber for information on how to get your sampler boxes!

— Fauna ❤