My New Year Productivity

With every new year comes new resolutions (or as I like to call them, failed resolutions from previous years 😉 ) and one of mine was to keep myself creative with every chance that showed itself.

I’m sure some of you have heard about a little site called Pinterest.  I personally have umpteen boards on it but have yet to complete a single project — well, as of this past week, anyway.  While I do have several yarn-related resolutions, this particular blog isn’t about them, but I am so proud of myself I felt this project was share-worthy.

First is something I think everyone has seen — the paint chip calendar.  Aside from the time I stood in front of the paint section deciding what colors I wanted to use, making this took me less than 5 minutes.


I purposefully made it as half a month so that I would have more room for the activities of each day without sacrificing a huge portion of wall to have 31 days displayed at once.   If you want to make your own, you can change the size of your ‘days’ as well as how many there are and how they are laid out.  

I used:

  • 18 Paint Samples (free)
  • An unused picture frame *with glass* (mine is approx. 18″x15″, priced anywhere from $5-$35 retail, and I recommend glass for the ease of use with dry-erase markers)
  • 2-pack Dry Erase Markers, fine-tip ($3)

Cut your paint samples to the desired sizes and affix them to a paper that fills the entire frame (I used the backside of the product photo that came with my frame), replace the backing, and viola, new (reusable) calendar!  I love this project so much because it is entirely customizable.  You can pick a frame that goes with your decor, paint samples to match your walls, and it isn’t too much of a pain to switch-out the samples for holidays (you can bet my December is going to be red and green – instant and virtually effortless decor with added points for functionality).

The only thing I would do differently is get more markers – originally I didn’t think I would need an assortment of colors since the entire calendar is color, but once it was finished I wished I had more to decorate the ‘month’ space.

Are you making a calendar?  I’d love to see!



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