Knit or Crochet?

Ever since I started crocheting, I’ve heard dozens of people ask about my ‘knitting’.  I’m not going to lie: In the beginning, it completely annoyed me.  I would get defensive and frustrated and make a big deal of it . . . but then again, I was only seven.

Thankfully as time went on, I learned to let it go.  It became fun to teach people the difference, although the focus was on crochet since I didn’t know how to knit.  I tried several times, but it wasn’t as easy to self-teach so I gave up within minutes.  The next time I picked up the needles and went at them in earnest was much more recent, just the last few months or so, and I’m quite surprised with the technical differences.  Even more surprising is the fact that I haven’t picked it up as quickly as I expected.

Like most other crocheters, I’ve found that knitting is considerably slower-going than crochet.  It’s harder on the hands, and any patterns I’ve found aren’t as forgiving when it comes to personal tweaks as crochet patterns are.  Beyond all that, I seem to have a unique issue with knitting.

Traditionally, I’m right-handed.  Oddly though, I’m only able to play guitar left-handed (something I don’t do often, despite my husband’s many attempts to properly teach me) as well as throw a ball, but when it comes to knitting I’m a mess.  I have been told my ‘problem’ is a nice one to have, but for me it’s incredibly frustrating now that I’m trying to get serious about knitting.

What happens is, I’m able to work my knitting from both hands, meaning I don’t need to switch my needles after each row.  It complicates knowing whether I’m purling or knitting, but with an excess of YouTube videos at my disposal and photos of what certain stitches are supposed to look like, I’m slowly getting a grasp on it.


This is an example of a knit infinity scarf (left) and a crocheted one (right) that I made.  They aren’t entirely similar, but to some people they don’t look different at all.  Even so, and especially since I need more practice before I’m comfortable my knit is the same quality as my crochet, I always make sure and differentiate when someone requests a ‘knit hat’.  While some people don’t see the subtlety and are happy with the instead crocheted item they receive, others literally mean ‘knit’ when they say it.

Going forward, whether you’re thinking about ordering items from me or any other fiber artists, or you are one yourself, I encourage you to take a minute or two to understand the difference so that you can be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for or you’re giving your customer their vision.  Better yet — while you’re checking out the differences, teach yourself how to do both!

Which do you prefer?


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